Sustainable DIYs - Affordable | Effective | Homemade

April 02, 2021

Sustainable DIYs - Affordable | Effective | Homemade

Do-it-yourself is nothing new – we have always made things with our own hands, yet it is on-trend once again. Not only can DIY save us cash at times, but it can also help to save the planet through recycling and upcycling, hence utilizing what’s already available.
So we are back again with new DIY hacks; this time using white Vinegar as our main product.
Multipurpose Cleanser
Do you have blemishes and marks of dirt on your sofa and furniture?
Don’t worry we’ve got your back!
Simply take a glass container and put some waste orange peels in it, fill the same with white Vinegar. Close the lid and leave the container for 2-3 weeks for the orange peels to infuse with the vinegar till it achieves its natural scent and color. Strain out the peels and use the solution for cleaning. 
Air Freshener
It’s time to give your home a natural-outdoorsy essence in just a few simple steps:
Pour 2 parts of Vinegar and 1 part of water in a spray bottle. Then squeeze a few lemons into the solution. Add lemon slices and 3-4 sprigs of fresh rosemary. Simply, mix the ingredients well and leave the solution to settle down for at least 1 week. (Simmer the solution to speed up the process.)
Mosquito Repellent
The worst thing about summer is breeding of nasty mosquitoes. We’ve come up with a natural mosquito repellent. 
First slice one lemon and one lime (this will be enough for two candles.) Then add a couple of slices of lime and lemon to the jar. Next, add 4-5 sprigs of Basil and fill water up to the threads. After that add 10-15 drops of lemon grass oil. Place a floating candle right in the middle of the jar.
Finally, light your candle and enjoy your pest free summer.
Scum Remover
Having hard water buildup or soap scums on your glass shower doors?
Those unsightly soap scums look depressing and can have negative impact on your mood.
But, as always vinegar to the rescue, 
Create a spray by filling it with Vinegar, add 2 tsp of dish soap to the solution. Spray the glass liberally and use a sponge to wipe and spread the solution. Wipe the glass dry with a microfiber cloth for a sparkling new shower door.

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