#Meet Your Maker _ Part 4

June 04, 2021

#Meet Your Maker _ Part 4

Meet Sangeeta Maurya, a 34 year old soft spoken lady who works with as our QC Head.

She lives with her family of three which include her husband and two kids.
Her son is 14  years old and her daughter is 15. She got married very young at the age of 18, right after completing her schooling from a Hindi medium school. Her husband works at an export house and takes care of making reports for shipping consignments. 

Khara Kapas was her first job, outside the comfort of her house. She used to take small consignments at home where she would do handwork as per piece rate. 

Here, first day at her first job ( Khara Kapas) was not very soothing or pleasing. She missed her kids back home since she had the anxiety every mother experiences when away from her/their kids. Even though her kids were older at that point (aged 11 & 12) but she still felt restless.
Once she returned home and met them and saw their happy faces as they felt proud that their mother is now working, all her worries were put to rest. Since  then, she has loved  coming to work everyday. It gives her an immense sense of satisfaction and confidence.

She has worked very hard and earned a position of head of QC in Khara Kapas. She loves her new profile and says that her aim to do her job with full commitment and dedication. She is now comfortable working on her computer and managing order status without any issues.

She says that she feels bad that her parents did not send her to an English medium school. They were farmers and could not do much in providing her with the resources which she now wants to do for her daughter.
What is remarkable is that she has adjusted to her job really well, manages to understand and communicate in English much to the required need.

She aspires to give her children the best of education. Her kids go to a private school and she is happy to be able to contribute financially in providing them with the best of education. She says that her daughter is a bright kid and wants to become a teacher.

She also desires to make a house of her own in the city which she definitely will.
In her words
"Apne dam pe jiyo, apne husband ke kandhe se kandha mila Kar chalo."

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