Moscow to New York: Around the World in 6 Styles!

January 23, 2021

Moscow to New York: Around the World in 6 Styles!

Moscow to New York: Around the World in 6 Styles!

Guide to rock street style clothing inspired by the six famous cities around the world


Got a busy day ahead and need to go places but don’t have time to keep changing for everything? We have got you covered with our guide to rock street style looks in 6 easy ways with the staples you will definitely find in your wardrobe.

From a brunch date with your girls to running your weekend errands like a grocery shopping spree to a romantic dinner at a rooftop- we are bringing six looks to help you dress effortlessly, inspired by the famous cities of the world known for their distinctive fashion choices.

Let us show you how to style our ombre dyed midi dress with strap details ‘Before Sunrise’ in six different ways to look classy, comfortable and stylish all in one.





Look #1

Mornings in Moscow

Layer your Before Sunrise midi dress with our Umber Car coat for a day out in the museum. Carry your essentials in the Jute Full Circle bag, and wear tan loafers for a smart casual look.
Just like the ladies on the streets of Moscow show how cold weather cool is done, we have styled this look for an outing on a cold day.



Look #2

Barcelona Babe

Don’t know what to wear on days when mornings are chilly and the sun shines bright making you wish to dress down? Don’t you worry! Style your look just like one would for a Spring day in Barcelona. Let us tell you how.

Layer  your Before Sunrise midi dress with a chocolate brown leather jacket instead of a safe choice like a black leather jacket. Pair it with matching chelsea boots, and you are ready for a long busy day without worrying about the temperature.



Look #3

New York Cool

Put on your flared midi dress with a plain white oversized shirt, knot it at the waist. Pair it with white ankle tops and look stunning while making that grocery run. Carry your shopping essentials in our eco-friendly handcrafted Mini Canvas tote for a free and easy look.

This look is inspired by the classic New York style- Comfortable, Relaxed and layered strategically keeping in mind the weather.



Look #4

Sunday in Stockholm

Need to run errands on the weekend but still want to look fashionable? We have got your back.

This laidback look is a perfect pick if your fashion sensibilities are timeless, minimalistic, and effortlessly cool, just like the Swedish.

Throw an oversized pale pink shirt onto your flared midi dress to give an effortless look. Complete it with a mini tote and pale pink loafers to match.



Look #5

Tokyo Drift

This look is our personal favourite as it is inspired by More Kei.
Loose fabrics, knitted cardigans, and soft colours. 

Layer our flared midi dress with a kimono cardigan in neutral colour. Add a canvas bag to carry your essentials and complete the look with white ankle tops.

It is a perfect look for a free-spirited individual who wants to explore nature in such whimsical style. 



Look #6

When in Vienna

You know Vienna is a city best discovered on foot and a good pair of walking shoes in this city will be your best friend? This look is the perfect pick for summers where one can dress down but keeping it classy.

Layer your flared midi dress with a casual polka top with a front knot to give a casual street look. Complete the look with a white pair of canvas shoes to discover the city on foot and keep the look cool & classy.



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Dress used in all looks- Before Sunrise


Our products used for the looks

Look 1:

Coat- Umber Car Coat


Bag- Jute Full Circle Bag


Look 3 & 4:

Bag- Mini Canvas Tote


Look 5:

Bag- Blue Jute Striped Full Moon Bag


Look 6:

Top- White Wrap Top

URL: White Wrap Top - Khara Kapas

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