#Meet Your Maker_Part 3
April 24, 2021

#Meet Your Maker_Part 3

Meet Ram Parvesh ji, a 34-year-old Artisan behind the brilliance at Khara Kapas.
He started sewing at the tender age of 16 and has been in the industry ever since.
He started off humbly back home in his village in U.P. but he quickly reached a stage where he owned his own small tailoring shop and was the best in his small community.
Soon ambition made him come to the city and he paved his way to getting employed in a ‘manufacturing unit’. He worked in a line system in an export house for many years before he started working as a sampling tailor.

He says joining Khara Kapas 6 years ago was a game changer. He started off as one our finest tailors and is now the Head Cutting Master!

He cycles every day for 10 km up and 10 km down to work and he is full of pride in what he does. His sheer determination and dedication served as the wind beneath his wings.

Ram Parvesh ji says he is constantly learning and growing at Khara Kapas. And we sure see a very bright future ahead of him. His mantra for life is “जहाँ चाह है वहाँ राह है|”

He has 3 kids, Ranjeet (10 years old), Manjeet (7 years old) and Sarabjeet (5 years old), and endeavours for a bright future for them. Educational standards are good in the city and that is one thing that lacked in his village. He moved to the city to give a better life to his children. And while he is very happy with that, what he misses about his home is the clean air and pure food. It’s heartwarming to know how at ground level some of us have similar dreams and our worries are similar.

#Together We Are Stronger