March 26, 2021


The journey of how a Khara Kapas garment is made from scratch.

The process starts the minute our customers place their respective orders.
Order once received is then taken over by the Brand Manager before spurring it to production.
Fabric is then specially sourced from all across India and stocked in house in accordance with the requirements, which is then washed and treated to make it fit for the next set of procedures.
The same fabric is then tied in a specific manner to attain the desired shibori print and further sent for dyeing. 
Here at Khara Kapas we have our own dyeing unit, where we make sure to use azo free dyes. Hence, emplacing less pressure on the environment as well as maintaining the quality of the fabric.   
The fabric is further treated with chemical free solutions to make it softer and lighter.
On the other hand, patterns are made that act as the blueprint of any garment with varied easy to fit sizes along with customized pieces of customers. Since, Khara Kapas is a made to order brand, therefore patterns of each and every piece are made with utmost precision and care for maximum comfort and durability.
Fabric cutting takes place once the drafted patterns have been traced onto the fabric.
The garments are then stitched and constructed by our artisans with all the love and effort, making sure that the customer has the best of the experience. 
Once the stitching is complete the garment is again washed and rinsed without the use of any heavy machinery as it leads to less water consumption.
Further down the line, the garments are passed on for all the remaining handwork and little details left and then ironed to remove wrinkles and creases.
Finally, Quality Check of the finished products are done to ensure that each and every piece is up to the mark and ready for dispatch.
All the hard work and love put in making a single piece is then packed carefully using recycled paper and bags.




The step towards creating a conscious consumeristic community who knows the true cost of their purchases.


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