Khara Kapas Spring Summer '19 Trends & Style Tips

May 21, 2019

Khara Kapas Spring Summer '19 Trends & Style Tips


Sitting in Khara Kapas Studio today, we are dreaming of clear skies and fields of flowers. Spring - Summer is always special. We feel light, and bright, like the air and the sun. We can finally pick out our favorite canvas, our mul whites, and let the blooming flowers paint us in its hues. Its the season of shedding the fuss, thus knowing whats necessary. And, the most important of all, is to be free, be wild, because what is a summer if it is not fun? Fun, that we've covered. A splash here, a splatter there. A dash of colour. Perhaps, surprises of lace could be fun. This season its our escape to our childhood. Remember the polka skirt you wore all day everyday? Can you see yourself twirling in it? More than capturing trends, we're determined to remember a familiar feeling. 

The season is incomplete without cotton. Plant the sustainability seed, that's the biggest trend of them all. Soft mulmuls and khadis in cloud white and pastels is our staple. We accentuate with saturated shades of pressed rose, mango mojito, fiesta red, princess blue, pepper stem, and colour of the season - living coral. From our sleeve to our flounce, everything is airy and free, and we use this to play with interesting shapes and cuts. Inverted U's, bells and wraps are our top picks. As we allow silhouettes to translate our body's language, we go minimal on periphery details. Primitive prints in cohesive colours, monotone laces and textures, and subtle layering, all underplaying the eye, subtly tingling memories of our childhood.
Styling is the binding ingredient to this story play. Therefore, you remind yourself of the character you play. Stand in front of the mirror, run past your wardrobe, and pick out pieces that define you. Remember to be yourself while you dress for yourself. For everything else, we've got you covered. 

Step 1 - Layer, mix and match, or simply wear it your way. Fit into the occasion. 
Step 2 - Pick your pumps. Be comfortable, but don't be afraid to play with contrasts. 
Step 3 - Bag it. Splash on a colour or match your shoes. Pick a size to fit your carry ons. 
Step 4 - Accessorize. Here's a reminder, the belts are back, while junk jewelry never left. 
Step 5 - Let loose your locks, let your skin breathe, and go au naturel.

Watch on, as Shilpi translates our vision into your wardrobe. 

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