Dab! Clean! Wash! Repeat!
January 20, 2021

Dab! Clean! Wash! Repeat!


Are you a busy mom or dad who is tired of removing stains from everyday clothes? Or someone who is living away from home for studies or work who hates finding stains while doing your laundry and sending it to the dry cleaners?

Laundry day can be a little overwhelming with all of the stained clothes that come through. We are here to save your day and efforts to remove these stains.

Our easy stain removal guide covers easy hacks which you can try at home to remove 6 types of stubborn stains-Oil, Ink, Wine, Makeup, Coffee and Sweat.



  • How it's done: You can use a dollop of dish soap to remove oil and grease stains from clothing and baby powder to remove the same from leather items.

    Rub in a dollop of dish soap into the oil stain. Let it sit for a minute and wash.
    Use baby powder to soak up the excess oil and grease from the leather surface.


       How it’s done: Remove an ink stain by soaking it in a bowl of milk.

      Place a clean cloth underneath the stain so that it doesn’t seep through to any other layers and spray the ink with hairspray if available or use a hand sanitizer until saturated. Let it soak for several seconds.

      Then blot the ink stain with another clean cloth. Repeat this process until gone. You may also soak the stain in milk overnight then wash as usual


        How it’s done: Remove red wine stains by dabbing with white wine.

        Red wine stains are really tough to take out, especially if they are not treated when fresh. 

        Pour some white wine on the red wine stain. Gently blot the stain using a clean damp cloth. Then wash in a cold water cycle.


          How it’s done: Use a baby wipe to remove a makeup stain from your clothes.

          Baby wipes are great for removing spills and stains right away when you are on the go. They can help spot treat a stain right away so it does not set into clothing.

          Baby wipes are remarkably effective at removing lipstick or other makeup stains from a blouse or garment.

          • COFFEE STAINS

            How it’s done: Spot treat your coffee stain with distilled white vinegar.

            Pour a mixture of mild detergent and water onto the stain. With coffee, you'll want to blot, soak in vinegar, and blot again. 

            • SWEAT STAINS

              How it’s done: Soak in cold salt water and then dry in sunshine.

              Rinse the stain with cold water and spread a paste made of salt and water onto it. Use a toothbrush to scrub the salt into the stained area. Wash again with cold water.



              Note: All stain removal methods mentioned above should be applied prior to washing the garments. Stains that have been laundered and dried are very difficult to remove. These stain-fighting ingredients are skin-safe, but if you’re concerned about any sensitivities while working with these simple solutions, don’t hesitate to put on a pair of gloves.