A tête-à-tête with Atamjot Grewal
December 25, 2016

A tête-à-tête with Atamjot Grewal

When we first thought of writing about our customers, we prepared a questionnaire that we’d ask in-person or via mail and do a small photo shoot with them to get a closer look into their life and understand them deeply.

However, we realised that we were already a part of their life as much as they were a part of ours, of the brand. We’d interacted closely with them at different points in time, knew their tastes, their urgencies, and tried to deliver a happy shopping experience to them to the best of our capabilities.

Wanting to wrap the year on a good note and celebrating 2 years of the brand, we knew we wanted to fabricate our success with the dreams and ambitions of our customers, our muses, with a series of blog posts celebrating different facets of women and finding inspiration in each of them.

What was difficult was to choose the first person we wanted to cover. We have such a rich clientele of inspiring women, who have these interesting stories to tell. We knew we couldn’t stop at one; it had to be a recurring series. 

The first woman who we interviewed was Atamjot Grewal, an ENT surgeon by qualification, currently taking care of patient experience at Fortis hospital.  

A small town girl, belonging to various places within India owing to her armed forces background, Atam moved to Delhi for her graduation in medicine, which she hardly ever practiced.

Complicated yet simple, bubbling with emotions, positive vibe and cheer, you instantly like her!   
She’s the quintessential woman, somebody who wears her emotions on her sleeves, compassion in her eyes, warmth in her heart, and strength on her back.
Her mother seemed to have deeply impacted her life and choices. A single parent, Atam’s mom singlehandedly built everything for herself and Atam, she remains to be Atam’s strength and inspiration. While Atam’s father is her conscience. She confessed to have had deep conversations with her dad’s portrait during trying times. She has shared her grief, aspirations, and happiness, everything with her dad’s portrait. Her actions always aim to make her father, up there, happy and proud.

A single child and having spent a lot of time alone, Atam loves a full house now. Her family comprises of her husband, mother, mother-in-law, kids and dogs. Her family remains to be her strength and driving force.

Professionally, Atam is known for being passionate about her work. Since she is involved with the administrative side of healthcare, specifically focusing on patient experience, Atam is known for her emphatic treatment of patients and their families and ensuring proper care. She’s known to be someone who’s reliable and dependable, and that according to her is her biggest achievement.

It’s through many twists and turns in her career that Atam found her calling. While medicine was her natural choice of subject, due to unavailability of other options at that time, she doesn’t consider herself ambitious.

After completing her medicinal studies, she went on to write articles for a web portal, got into a mainstream corporate job, tackled many roles including marketing, sales, operations etc., hit mid-life crisis when she almost wanted to quit her job and then finally landed into hospitals and found her true calling.

As a part of Fortis, Atam has been personally involved with on-ground relief work during natural disasters and calamities and that has contributed to her self-transformation and has made her a grounded person, someone who is thankful for everything she has and knows how to savour each moment of her precious life.

We asked her a few questions and got some really interesting answers.

What are your views on religion/faith?
AG: I won't call myself religious but rather spiritual. And for me spirituality doesn't just mean connecting with god, but in fact connecting with people. In moments of engaging interactions and deep bonds, spirituality is at work. 

Describe a weekday and weekend in your life.
AG: My weekdays usually start early at around 5.30 with some physical activity, which could be cycling, cross-fit, or walking, followed by some quality time over breakfast with my children.
My day in the hospital starts with morning meetings to plan the day and never really ends.
But it is very important for me to spend some quality time with each of the key members of the family and to also have some ‘me’ time before I sleep, that makes my day complete.
A weekend/holiday is all about running chores, lounging together, spending quality time with Sanjit (husband), and unwinding with friends, family and a lot of alcohol.

Define ‘freedom’ and ‘confidence’.
AG: The definition of freedom is ever changing and evolving.
It has ranged from going out to play, to staying up till late, to being able to choose – choose what I want to do, and to be able to say no to things.
As far as confidence goes, I don’t think I’m quite confident. I’m carefree, I like to live in the moment, and that sort of gives me an air of confidence. Although, if there’s one thing that contributes to confidence - that is experience.

What’s your happiest memory?
AG: I think I’m lucky that at least 4 come to my mind the moment I hear this question.
My happiest memory from childhood is sleeping on my grandfather’s shoulder while listening to my nighttime story. That memory replays in my head and is always as magical as it was back then. It gives me a feeling of homecoming.
Another beautiful memory is the birth of my daughter, the first time I held her, knowing that she is an extension of me.
I also fondly remember many of my trips with Sanjit. For me, Sanjit is synonymous with the hills. He is my escape and my refuge. All the expeditions, trips, treks into the mountains with Sanjit have been nothing less of magic for me. I can be myself and inhale a deep and happy sigh of breath with him by my side.
The coming of my dogs is also a memory I fondly look back to.
Lastly, each Monday morning goes into my happy memory lane. Sanjit gets me white lilies since as long as I can remember that I carry along with me to work.

What’s your favourite place to live?
AG: My favourite place has to be a quaint town or village, it has to be up in the hills, and has to be beautifully peaceful.
The only place I can think of right now is Thanedar in Himachal. You can stare into nothingness and there are apple orchards as far as your sight goes.

Tell us your idea of a perfect date.
AG: My idea of perfect date has nothing to do with the setting but the company and the conversation.
Although Sanjit and I are big foodies and we love the Smoke House Grill and that has been the setting of our date many a times.

What’s your relationship with fashion?
AG: Frankly, I’ve been called a tomboy and I don’t really consider myself as ‘fashionable’ in the literal sense as to keep track of what’s trending.
For me, comfort predetermines fashion. I prefer earthy tones, flowy fabrics, and indo-western silhouettes. 

What struck you about Kharakapas? What got you back to the brand? What’s your most prized possession from Kharakapas?
AG: I get my Kharakapas update through the Facebook page and I’ve never seen a garment and not felt the need to buy it.  
I feel so connected with the ethos of the brand as well as its sensibilities. So many people tell me that the brand has been shaped keeping me in mind and that’s a huge compliment for me. I love the simple and minimalistic designs. Kharakapas is the right balance of style and comfort for me.
My favorite outfit is the ivory cotton gown. It can be dressed up with accessories or worn casually on a holiday. I also love 2 of the kurta and pant sets that Shilpi has lovingly customized for me.

Ivory & Gold Sharara Set

Towards the end of the interview, Sanjit came in to invite us for lunch and grabbed his wife so that we'd finish off the interview and join them for lunch. The right mix of playfulness, banter, and love, Sanjit & Atamjot's lives are picture perfect.

We thank Atam for being so candid with us and giving a peep into her super-woman life story!

A Kharakapas salute to the woman who is caring yet carefree!


On Atam:

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