A Portrait of Khara Kapas
April 05, 2017

A Portrait of Khara Kapas

Collaborative arts are the weaving of a story by many hands and a story is incomplete without an audience. Clothing labels are not alien to this process. They are an amalgamation of the efforts of many creative people: weavers, dyers, embroiderers, tailors, the designer and very dear clients without whom these labels may never be understood. When understood this way, clothing labels are an empowering commons and not exclusive of others.

So then, how do we define a label or is a definition even possible in a collaborative artform? One way to do this is to understand the label as a mirror to the many people who are at its core- the people who design, the people who make and execute and the people who identify themselves with a label through consumption. We sat down to attempt our very first portrait of Khara Kapas and girl, are we excited! For she is beautiful in our conversations with Atamjyot and Madhushree!

We find that Khara Kapas is a girl who loves to lounge,
Homecomings are sweet to her for home is where she can be herself.
When at home, little things count.
Conversations at the dining table, breakfast hangouts, unwinding with friends and family, and bedtime tales are some occasions where she sets her roots and feels deeply connected and grounded.

When not at home, she is always making her way back home,
evolving a new definition for what home can mean.
Home can be found in the conversations of travellers in airport lounges, busy book sales and bazaars at crowded street corners. She has learnt that home is also on the road, even one filled with potholes. Movement is just as crucial to Khara Kapas, as is rooting for home and she has a special place in the day for thoughts of flight landings and broken glass ceilings.

Khara Kapas loves the hills as much as she loves the tumult of city life.
The hills are home to her but also, curiously a place of magic and escapades.
And the city a spot to write about her many homes.
She finds thrill in the monotony of undulating mountain landscapes and rows of apple trees. Equally, is she centred in the tumultuous city.

When rummaging through her own wardrobe, Khara Kapas is happy with something comfortable to wear and flow in. This is her understanding of fashion. Fashion allows her to inhale a deep and happy breath and set out on another day.