Sipping on Goldspot- Spring ‘17
March 27, 2017

Sipping on Goldspot- Spring ‘17

 Summer is here and has a Spring in her step! What was that we just said?

Spring wears many different definitions and is suited to an experimental wardrobe and changing trends. As a noun, Spring wears “the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear” and also “an elastic device, typically a helical metal coil, that can be pressed or pulled but returns to its former shape when released”. As a verb, she dresses to the tune of “moving or jumping suddenly or rapidly upwards or forwards” and also the act of “originating or arising from”. She is a season of growth, bloom and moving forwards but is also as much about origins. She is about new beginnings but also of beginnings. Which had us wonder, "does change have to mean growing ‘up’?” Perhaps change is best understood when we go back to the quiet of our childhood selves, nonchalantly dangling our feet and sipping on a cold drink.

Our Spring edition this year is a place for honouring our childhood selves and harnessing childhood swag. It is a simple testament to that quiet and abundantly happy spot called childhood. So, would you join us as we hop on a time machine to the 80s and 90s in India, a time of palpable social and economic change? Through the eyes of our little selves we toy with foreign imported cartoon serials, children’s novels and DVDs brought home by uncles and aunts, government owned soft drinks that has us waiting for Sundays, western fables that held us up at night, dreaming of other places as if they were familiar, and the thrill of sharing birthday toffees.

We do all this with our favoured fabric and a much loved Indian staple- cotton dressed in many hats and guises. Our signature flowing drapes, pin tucked garments and cowl dresses in tie and dye and shibori simultaneously signify the rapidly changing nature of those times and yet reminisce memories of the past. Surface textures, pastel hues and graphic prints conjure up a sense of the new in the opening up of the economy with new products proliferating the market in pastel-hued packaging, television endorsements and cable TV bringing fables from faraway lands and the prospects of schooling.                

 Remember when mother’s tie and dye dupatta was all you needed to hold onto while navigating city streets? Mother's Shibori Dress brings back the comfort of feeling at home in chaos. Let’s admit to slipping into Papa's kurta as our first experience of traditional attire and what great fun it was!  If you need a little motivation on an early Monday morning, reach out for an Exercise Book or Essay, for a renewed sense of purpose (remember when growing up meant being allowed your first Ink pen?)            

Relive the thrill of Tom and Jerry, Tintin and Snowy and The Jungle Book and reconnect with the everyday pleasures and jaunty hopefulness embodied in Cream Biscuits, Mango Byte and a sip of Goldspot.