The Kharakapas Aphrodite
June 09, 2016

The Kharakapas Aphrodite

Aphrodite is revered as the Greek goddess of beauty, love and pleasure, and thus we couldn’t resist having a collection in her name.

Our choicest of silhouettes in serene cuts and calming hues, these pieces just need an addition of a flower crown or wreath to transport you back into an era of Greek minimalistic fashion.


1. If dreams were clothes, this one would be our idea of utopia. A pristine white pure malmal dress, it is ideal for a day out. It is irresistible, simply charming, comfortably flattering, and embraces you like your second skin.


2. If Aphrodite were an Indian goddess, this dress would be her sartorial manifestation. With golden gota trimmings, this mulmul dress is a delight to the wearer and the onlooker.

Experiment with a matha-patti and vibrant kolhapuris for a festive look.

3. A layered dress with crochet trimmings at the hemline, this romantic fairy-like dress will add to your mystic charm and breezy swirl.

4. Even goddesses have the right to feel blue, and this is how we imagine Aphrodite if she ever had any mood swings. Playful and flirty, relaxed and lovely, this maxi dress can cheer up your otherwise dull day.      

 5. A sweeping maxi dress in Aphrodite’s favorite fabric, this 100% malmal dress with delicate hemline trimmings is a contemporary interpretation of the poise and beauty that Aphrodite stands for.


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